Sold! Leased!: Document Management Solutions Help Digitize and Manage Transactional

NewSoft’s Presto! PageManager provides a strong close for increasing the productivity of real estate professionals

Fremont, CA – May 16, 2011 – For realtors, property managers, lenders, inspectors, brokers and others, an effective document management solution can significantly impact the bottom line. With documents functioning as the currency of the transaction-based real estate profession, the ability to easily and effectively store, organize, share, index and retrieve documents is essential.

Typically, countless hours are spent on the creation, editing and management of documents – email, spreadsheets, word-processed documents, legal briefs, and diagrams – related to sales, inspections, contracts, mortgage processing and more. Document management software solutions are helping real estate professionals create effective digital filing systems that help reduce paper storage costs, facilitate efficient collaboration, and increase document security. In addition, because they typically integrate with project and financial management offerings, these document management solutions help increase end-to-end transactional efficiency.

Many real estate and property management firms are turning to NewSoft’s (www.newsoftinc.com) award-winning Presto! PageManager document management solutions. Presto! Page Manager 9 Standard Edition (SE) for Macintosh is the first comprehensive native Mac OS document management software solution. Presto! PageManager 9 Professional for Windows is an advanced file and document management solution that allows Windows users to easily become more productive with their documents.

Chicago-based JH Realty Enterprises has been using NewSoft’s Presto! PageManager document management solution for the past two years. Presto! PageManager has provided JH Realty with a welcome lease on workplace productivity, along with better collaboration, and significantly improved ease of document creation and retrieval.

“Presto! PageManager for Mac has provided a major productivity boost and I can honestly say that I could not run my business without it, ” says John Hiera, Principal of JH Realty. “After scanning documents such as lease copies, closing statements and contracts, I use Presto! PageManager to create digital filing systems, which keep the business well-organized.”
Enhanced Mac and Windows Document Management Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

Presto! PageManager 9 SE for Mac is the first true Mac OS document management software offering that provides a full suite of business productivity capabilities. These include a number of tools that make managing, organizing, locating and accessing documents easier and more productive. Presto! PageManager 9 Professional for Windows now offers powerful new features, including improved performance with more and better control of document integrity, along with improved accuracy from its enhanced OCR capabilities.

“Presto! PageManager has proven to be an effective document management solution for managing documents for real estate and property management firms of all sizes,” adds Johnson Yang, general manager of NewSoft America. “Time to transaction is critical in the real estate industry, and Presto! PageManager helps speed transaction time with faster and more efficient access to digital documents and information.”

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