NewSoft Announces Two New Applications that Enhance PC-to-iPad Productivity

Fremont, CA – September 1, 2011 – NewSoft, a leading provider of productivity-enhancing software, today announced two new applications that extend the business and personal productivity for today’s growing number of mobile users. ScanThis application provides a simple process that enables documents and photos to be scanned directly from a PC to an iPad. And to enhance the functionality of the iPad, NewSoft’s RemoteMyPC allows iPad users to access their PC content directly from their iPad.

“Today’s mobile user wants immediate access, entertainment as well as work efficiencies that are customized for their lifestyle,” says Johnson Yang, general manager of NewSoft America. “As we continue to expand our family of productivity-enhancing applications, we will focus on meeting users’ requirements that are essential to create the optimum mobile experience.”

The International Telecommunication Union, the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies, pegged the 2010 year-end number of worldwide mobile subscribers at 5.3 billion, or 77% of the world population. With mobility now ubiquitous, mobile users are demanding unparalleled levels of functionality, access, entertainment and productivity capabilities, regardless of location or device. ScanThis and RemoteMyPC are designed to meet the needs of mobile users by enabling a natural and efficient mobile work behavior.

Scanning to the iPad
NewSoft’s ScanThis allows users to use their existing scanner to scan documents, books, pictures and even PDFs directly from their PC into their iPad, enabling them to access their digital media any time and in any place. With ScanThis PC software and iPad’s ReadThis app, users can easily increase the functionality of their iPad with capabilities such as:
•Drag-and-drop files to ScanThis PC software;
•Drag-and-drop files to ScanThis folder for automatic delivery;
•Single or batch file transferring;
•Send files offline with automatic retrieval when the iPad is reconnected; also auto-detection on the iPad when files are ready for retrieval;
•File transfer to multiple iPads; and
•Ability to open received documents from other iPad apps

NewSoft’s ScanThis is available for $9.95 directly from NewSoft’s online store; ReadThis is available as a free download from the Apple store. Visit NewSoft website at http://www.newsoftinc.com/mobile_apps/scanthis.htm for system requirements and purchasing.

Content Portability for the iPad
NewSoft’s new RemoteMyPC delivers applications, documents, music and video – virtually any content from a PC – that is then seamlessly controlled and viewed on the iPad with audio. To further enhance the usability of the iPad, RemoteMyPC also features: auto scanning of available PCs in the network; auto-adjusting of the computer resolution when connected; integrated multi-touch gestures for ease of operation; and the option to mute the computer audio while keeping the iPad on. In addition, Remote MyPC includes 9 quick-access controls and 2 customizable buttons that enable easy access to PowerPoint, Excel, Word and other popular applications.

NewSoft’s RemoteMyPC is available immediately at a promotional price of $2.99. Visit NewSoft website at http://www.newsoftinc.com/mobile_apps/remotemypc.htm for system requirements and purchasing.