Congratulate NewSoft on Obtaining CMMI Level 3 Certification

With a quality-first emphasis, NewSoft has attained prestigious quality standards for software development, since 2008, has become actively involved in Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). In December of 2009, we obtained International CMMI Level 3 certification from the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

In Pursuing Continuous Product Quality Improvement, NewSoft Obtained International CMMI Level 3 Certification.
SEI, authorized by the US Department of Defense, awards CMMI, a system of software quality certification that has been widely employed in the international software field. There are five levels for CMMI certification: level 1 – Initial, level 2 – Managed, level 3 – Defined, level 4 – Quantitatively Managed, and level 5 – Optimizing.

An innovative technology explorer in mobile applications, cloud computing services, office automation systems, and video and image recognition software, NewSoft implemented the relevant specifications of CMMI level 3. In particular, we made a series of revisions and adjustments based on company organization, software development flow, and quality assessment to enhance and improve our products, and to meet the customers’ expectations and needs.

Managing With CMMI Level 3 Standards: Enhancing Services
The important CMMI revisions: application file proofreading, onsite visits, and detailed analysis of project output are necessary to identify whether an entity is worthy of CMMI certification. With the cooperation of all NewSoft departments, we established complete workflow standards from the organization level to project execution, and smoothly obtained CMMI Level 3 certification. CMMI Level 3 is a landmark for Newsoft software development. We are becoming more standardized, documented, well-tracked, and quantifiable, which greatly enhances our products, output, and efficiency. We are expecting NewSoft, along with international software corporations, to have a prosperous future with continuously improving quality in compliance with CMMI certification standards.